Advanced high-level disinfectants designed for clinical, veterinary and agricultural use

Agrisec 250

A 'New Generation' super absorbent bedding powder​

Totally natural product - biodegradeable​

Agrisec 250 Plus

'New Generation' super absorbent bedding powder

Totally natural biodegradable product

Contains added Halamid

a DEFRA-Approved disinfectant sanitiser powder

Smite PH8

High Level, Laboratory-grade, Biocidal Disinfectant

Biodegradable under OECD conditions

Smite Biocare is part of the Smite brand portfolio
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Smite is stocked by many agricultural merchants and pet stores in the UK, Ireland and Europe, as well as further afield, including Scandinavia and Australasia.
New stockists are always welcome.
Please contact us for information on your local stockist

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