Agrisec 250 Plus

An absorbent ground sanitiser All the benefits of Agrisec 250 with the addition of Halamid, a DEFRA-approved disinfectant powder, to give extra sanitising properties.

Why Agrisec 250 Plus?

•  Multiple use – livestock houses, cow cubicles,     game runs, lambing and farrowing areas.

Highly absorbent – 1.5lt of water per 1kg of product

Forms easy to remove dry clumps

• All the benefits of Agrisec 250

Agrisec 250 Plus contains Halamid, a Defra    Approved disinfectant powder with germ killing    properties.

Available in two convenient tub sizes – 2 kg and 5 kg

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use

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